Gathering at Greenbriar Condominium Community Center on January 27th from 10am - 12pm 
Open to all Greenbriar residents. Hear about amazing Greenbelt programs available to Greenbriar residents, children - seniors. Special speakers: Liz Park, Executive Director of CARES; Cathy Jones, President of Friends of Old Greenbelt Theatre; representatives from GEMZ; Maggie Cahalan/Carolyn Lambright-Davis from CHEARS and special presentations by Greenbriar residents. Light refreshments provided. No registration required. If childcare is needed, contact Aileen by 1/21 at

Supported by Greenbelt Community Foundation.


Great news from the Old Greenbelt Theatre (OGT) volunteer launch!

Saturday, Jan 6, brought single digit temps to Greenbelt. Aileen and John

wondered if anyone would brave the elements for the official launch of the new volunteer program for Old Greenbelt Theatre (OGT).

To our surprise, awe and glee, the community center room was full of smart, eager, and resourceful (seasoned and brand new) volunteers ready to make our wonderful community resource its very, very best.
For those who stayed snuggled in bed (or were otherwise indisposed), no worries! Cathy Jones (President of Friends of Old Greenbelt Theatre) wants to hear from YOU. Email or phone her ( or phone (240) 389-3177) and leave her a message indicating which of the following areas you'd like to support:
1. Concessions and Zero Waste
2. Outreach, Marketing  & Social Media
3. Office work & Docents
>>Please provide your email and/or  phone number (and, yes, you can volunteer for more than one).
You'll be contacted by one of our newly minted section (circle) volunteer coordinators. (Alice Noe, Concession & You'll be contacted by one of our newly minted section (circle) volunteer coordinators. (Alice Noe, Concession & Jeannie Lacovazzi, Zero Waste; Zero Waste; John Campanile, Outreach, Marketing  & Social Media; & Pam Lambird, Office work & Docents). They will fill you in on opportunities, introduce you to other circle members, and make sure you are warmly welcomed, supported, and heard.
John & Aileen have been using Dynamic Community Governance to organize the volunteer program. Want to learn more? Join John Buck (We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy) this Sunday, January 14,  for a no cost ​Introduction in the Greenbelt Community Center, Room 103, 1:00-2:00pm. No pre-registration required for this session, but feel free to contact John ( with any questions or concerns.
(Thank you to the Greenbelt Community Foundation for their support of this community project and so many others.)
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Current Projects
We are currently working with the following Greenbelt area groups: Old Greenbelt Theatre, Greenbriar Condominiums and Glen Oaks Apartments, Greenbelt Peace Action Network, Greenbelt Neighborhood Organizing Project, Greenbelt Time Bank,  and Beloved Community Interfaith Network.
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Aileen & John
Co-Executive Directors