The Center for Dynamic Community Governance

The Center for Dynamic Community Governance is a networking group for dynamic governance, also known as socriocracy. The vision of socriocracy is a society in which all members are equivalent in their ability to consent to the conditions that govern their lives. Its mission is to create programs and resources that will increase public awareness of the principles and methods of socriocracy and develop the ability of individuals and organizations to implement them.

The Center is affiliated with the worldwide initiative to develop a network of sociocratic communities and workplaces that grew out of the Sociocratisch Centrum in The Netherlands. A nonprofit organization incorporated in 2015 in Maryland for charitable and educational purposes. Our application status to become a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization is pending.

The members of the Board of the Center are John Buck, Aileen Kroll, and Tim Cohen-Mitchell.

We now encourage you to join the Center today to ensure that we have the resources to continue promoting dynamic governance. Thank you!