What We Do

About our services:

We recognize that you work hard to achieve your vision. We help you get there by introducing a governance method that recognizes the value of hearing all voices while providing a structure that ensures maximum productivity and efficiency.

In sum, we value equivalence, effectiveness, and transparency.

We offer:

  • Dynamic Community Governance (DCG) Basics (also known as "sociocracy")

    • Interactive training in dynamic governance for your community organization or business.
    • Free monthly drop-in sessions to encourage networking and on-going development of your skills.
  • Advanced Dynamic Community Governance

    • Facilitation for meetings such as board retreats or general membership gatherings.
    • Advanced facilitation training.
    • Training and support to optimize your workflow.
  • Dynamic Community Governance Academic Research

    • Presentations at conferences and forums.
    • Academic consultation on the concepts underlying circular power structures.

 We envision:

  • A Corps of Dynamic Community Governance Builders

    • In depth training to graduates of the DCG Basics class.
    • On-going training and support for effective implementation in their community groups and businesses.
    • Creation of DCG Corps circles.
    • DCG international certification.