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Community-Building Workshops (Free)

Every second Sunday of the month we normally offer a free INTRO TO DYNAMIC COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE workshop from 1-2 PM. Click here to register and to receive Greenbelt location information.

Every second Sunday of the month we normally offer a free COMMUNITY CIRCLE where you can practice your skills, ask questions, and mingle with others from 2-4 PM. Click here to register and to receive Greenbelt location information.

Basic Dynamic Community Governance Classes

Dynamic Community Governance is a consent-based decision making process and a new way of structuring power. Elegantly simple, dynamic community governance is a profound change from business as usual. John and Aileen will offer a highly interactive and engaging training designed for everyone who’s ever been in a meeting and wondered, “How can we do this better?” We just completed a class and are planning the next. Let us know if you're interested in attending.

John brought the concept of dynamic community governance from the Netherlands. Translating from original source material, John is the first person outside of the Netherlands to receive consultant certification from The Sociocratisch Centrum in Rotterdam and is co-author of We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy. Locally based, John has an MA in Quantitative Sociology (from GWU) and decades of experience as a manager and consultant moving groups from well intentioned to powerfully effective.

Aileen has a JD and has  worked as a mediator, arbitrator, legal consultant, legislative advocate and social worker. She has been working with John to introduce dynamic community governance to groups throughout Greenbelt and surrounding areas.

In this training:

  • Learn how to energize meetings
  • Ensure everyone has a real voice in decision-making
  • Help teams to think smarter together
  • Prevent burnout and increase participant commitment.

This approach applies to business, government, and nonprofit groups. The dynamic community governance approach  also helps regional groups of organizations coordinate common aims for collective impact.

Class includes: book, handouts, on-site video presentations and interactive exercises.
We want to make dynamic community governance available to all. Click on the small blue box below to choose the option that works best for you. Questions? Contact us.

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In-Depth Workshops

Next workshop in the Greenbelt area coming soon!