Steiner Students Make Better Decisions

Steiner (Waldorf) education is discovering sociocracy. On August 3, 2012, in Portland , Oregon, Cary Hughes, and John Buck described how the student council at High Mowing School in Wilton, NH became much more active and energized when they were introduced to the sociocratic circle organization method. The presentation was at the AERO conference. AERO promotes democratic education. Following is a summary of their presentation.

AERO Conference LogoMake Real Decisions, Take Real Action: Student Leadership and Self-Governance in a Waldorf High School

High Mowing School uses a Threefold Living Systems approach to self-governance supported by the principles and practices of Dynamic Self-Governance. High Mowing is a Waldorf high school for boarding and day students in New Hampshire. Students in this context now self-organize and govern themselves through the creation of an empowered student leadership structure using Dynamic Self Governance. The students are becoming experts in using the effective practices within this new democratic form that ensures they are autonomous but connected to and able to positively influence the organizational structure, leadership, and teaching and administrative staff. The presentation described how this revolutionary approach to self-governance and organizational structure empowers all members of the various functions in the school and strongly supports the healthy development and effective operation of a school.

Rea Taylor Gill is Executive Director at High Mowing School and author of A School as a Living Entity. Over the past 25 years, Rea has developed a revolutionary approach to organizational development and school structure. She was unable to attend the conference but has been leading implementation of dynamic self-governance at High Mowing. Cary Hughes, loved and respected humanities teacher and Dean of Students at High Mowing School, has been teaching for over 30 years. As mentor of High Mowing School’s Student Council, he guides and supports the students as they create and participate in their student government using the principles and practices of Dynamic Self Governance. John Buck, co-author of We the People and head of Governance Alive LLC, has extensive leadership experience with government and corporations. John is certified in the circle-organization method of governance called Dynamic Self Governance.

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