What Are the Basic Patterns of Sociocracy?

Sociocracy means “rule by people who know each other.” The three basic patterns or principles are elegant in their simplicity.

Following is a summary of the basic principles:

Pattern: Governing consent

Consent governs decision-making: Not every decision requires consent, but there is consent about the agreements in which decision making is organized differently.

So not all decisions need to be taken with consent. Consent allows persons or groups to take decisions independently.

Note: electing people by consent is a unique process that is sometimes described as the fourth basic pattern of sociocracy. The pattern is: Election of persons for functions and/or tasks takes place according to the consent principle and after open argumentation.

Pattern: Circle Organization

The organization applies a decision making structure which is built up of circles that are mutually connected through a double link and governed by the consent principle. This decision making structure encompasses all members of the organization.

Pattern: Double link

The connection of a circle with the next higher circle consists of a double link. This means that at least two persons, being the leader of the circle and at least one representative from the circle, are members of the next higher circle.

L= Leader


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