CDCG Skills Training Helps Groups Nurture Members

Greenbelt’s Community Pledge embodies the best of what city residents have to offer, emphasizing that the city’s strength is “diverse people living together in a spirit of cooperation. We celebrate people of many cultures, faiths, and races living together. By sharing together, we all are enriched.” Seeking to enact these words, The Center for Dynamic Community Governance (CDCG) will be offering an opportunity to learn about how to help groups be well-run and to provide positive opportunities for individual and group growth and development. The session, open to all residents of the Greenbelt community, will be held on Saturday, September 21, at the Springhill Lake Recreation Center.

This is the second in a threepart series of training sessions entitled Growing Skills & Nurturing Talent. The session aims to help participants develop skills to run meetings that are both efficient as well as a positive experience for attendees. The session will train participants how groups make decisions and resolve disagreements in creative, transparent and inclusive ways. CDCG presented the first session on April 13 at the Community Center. Dynamic and interactive group discussions were held throughout the day with community organization representatives and local business people. All who attended CDCG Skills Training Helps Groups Nurture Members by Aileen Kroll that meeting are welcome to attend this upcoming session in order to receive additional training in effective governance modalities. The staff of CDCG also welcomes newcomers.

This training session is open to all including local business people, community organizers and anyone interested in growing their organizational skills. CDCG extends a special invitation to children and teens who want to develop their leadership skills. The mighty Earth Squad kids will be participating during the course of the day. There is no cost for the training and no registration is required. Attendees may stop by any time during the hours in which this training will be offered. International CDCG trainer, John Buck, will also be offering one-on-one confidential, professional, customized analysis of community group and business processes and operations, including workflow design and volunteer management in 45-minute increments throughout the day.

This offering includes a month of no-cost follow-up coaching. Contact Aileen Kroll at to schedule a time slot for the training session. The conveners of this session will be assisted by members of the Greenbelt Time Bank. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about TimeBank and how it works. CDCG is grateful to the Greenbelt Community Foundation for supporting this series of sessions. Aileen Kroll is co-founder and co-director of CDCG.

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