Letters to the Editor: National Night Out Participants, Sponsors

Kudos to the Greenbelt News Review for the article on National Night Out (NNO) in the July 26 issue. However, there was a noticeable omission of the participants and sponsors for all of the locations other than Roosevelt Center.

The importance of listing participants is that people may wish to talk to a representative of a particular organization, so the list would let them know where to contact that organization. The importance of letting readers know the sponsors is an extra shoutout of thanks to these people and organizations. For example, Greenbriar’s National Night Out will include information about and representatives from Greenbelt Advocates for Environmental and Social Justice (who will have a petition and letters to be signed against the proposed maglev project), the Center for Dynamic Community Governance, the Outreach Group at Greenbriar, Greenbelt Time Bank and Community Supported Agriculture. One of the major sponsors is the A.P.A.W. Veterinary Hospital and Wellness on Good Luck Road.

Angeline Butler

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