Letters to the Editor: Peaceful Resolutions

Peaceful Resolutions Earlier this month, as part of Greenbelt’s Peace Month activities, the Center for Dynamic Community Governance (CDCG) provided two hours of drop-in training on basic conflict resolution techniques, transparent communication and consent-based decision-making. Called “Making Peace with Difficult People (including you and me!),” the goal of the session was to help diverse and divergent voices meet in a spirit of peace and goodwill.

Participants role-played handling seven kinds of conflicts: communication, different needs, personality, scarce resources, values, conflicts based on biases or past experiences, and one person wrongs another. They also practiced active listening, reflective listening, and both/and thinking. Thank you to all who participated in the lively exercises and discussion!

CDCG will provide more such interactive training on Saturday, September 21, at a day-long, drop-in workshop titled: Greenbelt’s Bountiful Community Organizations: Growing Skills & Nurturing Talent. The training will be at Springhill Lake Recreation Center. No registration required but feel free to contact Aileen with any questions at: aileen@ dynamic-governance.org. John Buck

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