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A Brief History of Dynamic Community Governance

Dynamic Community Governance has a fascinating back story. It was first called sociocracy by August Comte, a mid nineteenth century French philosopher. The meaning of…

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Creating The Conditions For Reflective Team Practices

First article, co-written by Dr. Renee Owen and John Buck and published in a recent issue of the Journal of Reflective Practice, demonstrates how Dynamic…

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Software That Helps You Run Meetings

Want support in running meetings. Agendas with built in timers, decision logs, documents at your fingertips, asynchronous meetings? Learn about Weaver.

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Dynamic Community Governance Summary Sheet

This learning aid gives step-by-step pointers for Dynamic Community Governance facilitators and participants. Use it for meetings, elections, and project coordination. Take a copy to…

Terminology: Why All the Names?

Dynamic Community Governance (DCG) is an attempt to translate the Dutch term “Sociocratie.’ It describes a specific governance process that encourages communities, organizations, and businesses,…

Glossary of Terms

Transparent communication – In Dynamic Community Governance all viewpoints are valued. Different perspectives, which are often viewed as sources of conflict in other organizations, are…

Sociocracy (A Permaculture Approach to Community Evolution)

Lost Valley Community, an ecovillage in Oregon, converted to Dynamic Community Governance, which they viewed as a form of social permaculture. It has helped the…

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From Competition and Collusion to Consent-Based Collaboration: A Case Study of Local Democracy. International Journal of Public Administration

This article describes how a town in the Netherlands has been using Dynamic Community Governance (aka sociocracy).

Cohousing: Better Governance

Sociocracy addresses the challenge of governing intentional communities, including cohousing communities. Governance challenges are a factor limiting the growth and popular adoption of such communities….

Dynamic Governance (Sociocracy) is Scrum’s Big Brother

At the 2012 Agile Conference in Dallas, Texas, Dan LeFebvre and John Buck presented “Meet Scrum’s Big Brother, Dynamic Governance. Effectively Delivering Large Programs. This article summarizes their presentation.

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Steiner Students Make Better Decisions

On August 3, 2012, in Portland , Oregon, Cary Hughes, and John Buck described how the student council at High Mowing School in Wilton, NH became much more active and energized when they were introduced to the sociocratic circle organization method. The presentation was at the AERO conference. AERO promotes democratic education. Following is a summary of their presentation.

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What Are the Basic Patterns of Sociocracy?

Sociocracy means “rule by people who know each other.” The three basic patterns or principles are elegant in their simplicity. Following is a summary of the basic principles.

Transparency? No Fooling.

Sociocratic transparency means everyone gets a piece of the leadership. Some people hearing that idea think, “Uh hum, there’s got to be a trick to…

The Center for Dynamic Community Governance continually develops its methodologies. For example, the book Company-Wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy by Jutta Eckstein and John Buck describes how various methods, including sociocracy, can be combined to help organizations leverage and thrive in uncertain and volatile conditions. Agile is a method developed by the software industry over the last 20 years that has led to the current digital revolution. The Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy, Agile (BOSSA nova) method shows how the techniques developed by the software industry can be used throughout a company or organization. The following articles are about using Dynamic Community Governance in an agile environment.

Yes, Cross-functional Teams, but Real Ones!

Selected by the Agile Alliance to be published in 2019 Best Agile Articles!   By Jutta Eckstein and John Buck| March 15th, 2019 If you start with…

Start Now to Shift Rapidly to Intentional Stillness!

Why is intentional stillness critical when you’re trying to adapt rapidly? Readers can read the article beyond the abstract via Guest Access.

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BOSSA Nova: A Synthesis of Management Concepts

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How can you make salary decisions jointly and thus equivalent?

No Organization is an Island

Organizational Open Space for Unleashing Innovation

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