Gwen Vaccaro

Gwen is a Greenbelt business owner/operator since 1995. She has served as chairperson of the Roosevelt Center Merchant Association and a board member of the Greenbelt Community Development Corporation. With the GCDC she helped created Friends of the Old Greenbelt Theatre (FOGT), a 501(C)3 that transformed an aging theater into a locally focused and community operated resource. Upon assuming the Chairperson role of FOGT, Gwen sought out ways to shore up her operational skills and took a Center for Dynamic Community Governance (CDCG) class. Eager to share these learnings, Gwen organized a series of CDCG sessions for theatre board members, staff volunteers. Gwen also serves on the Church Council for the Greenbelt Community Church, which has provided in-kind support for CDCG. A recognized and respected member of the Greenbelt community, Gwen seeks to further the reach of Dynamic Community Governance teachings in Greenbelt and beyond.