Books About Dynamic Community Governance

We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy by John Buck and Sharon Villines. (2nd edition, 2017). A readable walk-through of dynamic community governance concepts (aka sociocracy). Also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and soon Korean and Turkish.

Company-Wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy: Survive and Thrive on Disruption by Jutta Eckstein and John Buck. (2018). (Paperback, Kindle, Audio). A new synergistic approach to running organizations that says, "Don't just try to cope with our volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) world. Seek out VUCA and thrive!" Also available in German, traditional Chinese, and soon Korean.

Old Greenbelt Theatre Volunteer Project

With funding support from the Greenbelt Community Foundation, over the past year CDCG conducted a project to develop the volunteer program at the Old Greenbelt Theatre (OGT). Click here to see the full report

Recent CDCG Appearances

Greenbelt Fall Fest

As a City of Greenbelt recognition group, we had the pleasure to visit with our neighbors and meet new friends.


Octopuses have a lot to teach us about Dynamic Community Governance! Click here for the TEDx talk at the University of Maryland by John Buck, Co-director of the Center for Dynamic Community Governance.

Full Day Online Conference About Dynamic Community Governance (aka sociocracy)

See the 25-minute presentation by John Buck about the importance of learning through experimentation. We're proud that Greenbelt is a hub of many kinds of experimentation.

Could Greenbelt do the BOSSA nova?

Jutta Eckstein and John Buck (co-director of the Center for Dynamic Community Governance) just published a new book: Company-Wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, and Sociocracy. (Sociocracy is another name for Dynamic Community Governance.) Print or digital available from Amazon. The acronym for the combination of Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy, and Agile is BOSSA. The combination yields a new way of running cities, companies, and organizations - hence the nova in BOSSA nova. The book references a dance metaphor throughout.

The book raises intriguing questions. What if Greenbelt's City Budget was set not on a yearly basis but according to the principles of Beyond Budgeting? What if a festival such as Greenman also included a city-wide Open Space event where all citizens could participate in setting the city's policy directions? What if the city's many citizens organizations operated using Agile principles?

Also to note: the updated edition of John Buck & Sharon Villines's book We the People Consenting to a Deeper Democracy was published a few months ago.


Community Outreach Event at Greenbriar

Community Outreach Event at Greenbriar

CDCG Works with Greenbriar to Promote Greenbelt One. Click here to see the article published in the Greenbelt News Review about an exciting CDCG-sponsored event in at Greenbriar featuring speakers from CARES/GAIL, GEMZ, Friends of Old Greenbelt Theatre, CHEARS, and the Greenbriar Residents Outreach Group.


Comments at the United Nations

John, our co-founder and co-director, had the opportunity to address the United Nations Committee of Experts on Public Administration on behalf of Neighbourhood Community Network (NCN) and speak about the need to move away from strategic thinking to complexity thinking:…/17th-session-of-the-c…/5775905665001/…



Bringing CARES and GAIL services to Greenbriar: Overcoming Obstacles

With support from the Greenbelt City Council, over the past year CDCG conducted a project to bring CARES and GAIL services to Greenbriar. Here is an article about this year-long project that recently appeared in the Greenbelt News Review.

In the course of the project the Outreach Group at Greenbriar, a consortium of residents emerged has made a number of commendable improvements for the Greenbriar and whole Greenbelt community. Click here to read more about these ongoing exciting developments.


From Competition and Collusion to Consent-Based Collaboration: A Case Study of Local Democracy. International Journal of Public Administration

This article describes how a town in the Netherlands has been using Dynamic Community Governance (aka sociocracy).

Greenbelt News Review Article on Dynamic Community Governance


Edwin John Discusses Dynamic Governance and How It's Set Up in India

Live online interview with Gerard Endenburg, founder of Sociocracy (a.k.a. Dynamic Community Governance)

Dynamic Governance (aka Sociocracy): the Operating System of the New Economy (free)

Here's an informative 4-minute clip showing the workings of the Dynamic Community Governance process.

Creative Forces of Self-Organization (free)
by John Buck and Gerard Endenburg

Creative ForcesThis pamphlet summarizes the underlying principles of dynamic community governance and provides examples of actual usage.



Dynamic Governance for Nonprofit Organizations (free)
by John Buck and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

NonprofitsSupplement to "Creative Forces of Self-Organization" for nonprofits.





We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy
by John Buck and Sharon Villines

We The PeopleThis book explains in depth the concepts behind Dynamic Governance and why it produces such dramatic results.



Holistic Eldercare Incorporating Dynamic Community Governance

Living Well, an eldercare program with three facilities in Vermont offers holistic services - many innovative ideas, including Dynamic Community Governance (aka sociocracy)

With Sociocracy, Hierarchies Become Agile (free)

Presentation at the Agile2016 software conference in Atlanta, Georgia by Jutta Eckstein and John Buck.

Sociocracy: A Permaculture Approach to Community (free)
by Melanie Rios

4. Sociocracy: A Permaculture Approach to CommunityLost Valley Community, an ecovillage in Oregon, converted to dynamic community governance, which they viewed as a form of social permaculture. It has helped the 21-year-old community thrive both socially and economically.


Beyond Democracy (free)
by Ted Millich

Beyond DemocracyA film describing applications of dynamic community governance in schools, factories, and eldercare in both the USA and Netherlands.


Dynamic Governance Summary Sheet (free)

DG SummaryThis learning aid gives step-by-step pointers for dynamic community governance facilitators and participants. Use it for meetings, elections, and project coordination. Take a copy to your next meeting for easy reference!



The Quest for Professionalism: The Case of Management and Entrepreneurship
by Georges Romme

The Quest for ProfessionalismIn this book, Prof. Romme decries the lack of professionalism in leadership. He points out that professions, from doctors and lawyers to bus drivers, require some sort of certification, while help desk operators and executive managers don't. He argues that dynamic community governance is a basis for leadership certification.